Backwaters May Put Indian Tourism in Jeopardy

Tourists are not always beneficial as it has been seen that there have been instances where they have been involved in putting the overall environment in jeopardy. In fact, that is what has made the Kerala pristine backwaters at back foot. In one of the recent studies, it has been revealed that the tourism spots in the state of Kerala are making the backwaters in jeopardy.

In fact, on close scrutiny we find that the problem is primarily confined to places where boating facilities are available. They are primarily responsible for the sand-bed formation confined to the boating channels.

In one of the recent studies, it has been witnessed by the Hydrographic Survey Wing of the Kerala Government on the Vembanad Lake that backwater tours are proving dangerous for the beds of water and are not safe at all. It is primarily on the route of Alappuzha-Kumarakom route. So, Kerala Tours lean towards tours that are becoming a bit problematic.

According to one of the men involved in hydrography, it has been found that chief hydrographer A P Sunderalal telling the depletion of water levels. In fact, a ride through these channels is leaning towards causing accidents. As far as the survey is concerned, it has been found that nearly at all minor ports in the vicinities of Kerala state the survey came with following observations.

As far as the trend is concerned, sand-bed formation has been witnessed at regular intervals at Munambam and Azheekkal port. It also involved the dredging that was clearly visible.

However, as far as the current booking is concerned, there seems to be no looking back.