Diplomacy Roars in Latest Travel Advisories

Before taking into consideration the impact on inbound tourism sector in wake of latest travel advisories, it would be worthwhile to ponder over the seriousness of the advisory itself and unearth the hidden agenda or antagonism attached to it. Going by the experts we could easily conclude that the latest travel advisories are nothing more than a farce and consequently “misguiding”. Undoubtedly, they will be significantly affecting the tourist inflow in every aspect.

However, one of the noteworthy points is to take into consideration the timing of the advisory. It is widely believed that as India did not send its Head of the State to the CHOGM meet and also opposed the setting up a human rights watchdog by the New Delhi, it annoyed the West largely, which is also facing a lot of upheaval in wake of Occupy Wall Street protests in almost all the parts of Europe.

As we witness the latest travel advisories issued by five countries—the US, the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand against India, it becomes nevertheless important to understand the diplomacy factor behind the whole process. Apart from the fact that these advisories are unnecessary and unethical, as pointed out by the experts, it would severely impact (both leisure and business) travelers as a result.

It is clear that there is a dose of diplomacy involved in the process and Indian travel industry has stood in sharp contrast to the claims made by the policy makers. Iqbal Mullah, president, The Travel Agents Association of India told Moneylife, “We strongly condemn such advisories. Today Bangkok is flooded, but there is no such advisory against Thailand. While here India is peaceful, festival celebrations are taking place, and there are major events that are happening which have seen positive support from other countries. These advisories may or may not affect tourism, but they are definitely misguiding (travellers).”

The only way out from this diplomatic mayhem is to ensure good service to the tourists coming in the Indian vicinities as they will be spreading good word and finally making their respective governments realize their bit. As India Tour is under scanner as of now, it will be good to consider from another point of view as well. What about the ongoing violent protests in the corridors of the West involving almost every part of Europe in the name of Occupy Wall Street protests?