Eco Tax to Enter Indian Tiger Reserve: NTCA

Just a few days back, Honorable Supreme Court of India banned the core areas where tigers reside in order to protect the wildlife from getting stressed in wake of heightened tourism activities. However, it has been observed that tourism in India accounts for considerable contribution to the Indian economy. Considering this fact, the Government of India has come up with the suggestion easing the entry to the core areas, however with due caution.

Levying of eco-tax has been suggested for this visitors going to the core areas. The decision has been taken by the committee, National Tiger Conservation Authority, comprising of experts from the field.

So, if you are one of them coming to Indian vicinity with an intention to spot a tiger, here’s catch. Get ready for spending 10% more in the name of eco-tax on all tourism facilities within the radius of 5 kilometers of tiger reserves. Although the current ban will certainly have an impact on India tours it was also necessary in wake of increasing stress on Indian wildlife. This is something, which has been tried to be curbed in wake of the current ban. All we need to see is the impact in terms of tourism it inflicts on to the tourism in general.