Global Tourism Rises, Substantiate Airline Traffic figures

Opinions, pertaining to the global economic slowdown, must be reconsidered, especially taking into consideration the recent airline traffic trends. Taking into account the recent statistics pertaining to preliminary figures from the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), we find that airlines of the 191 ICAO member states send a strong message registering an increase of approximately 2.7 billion passengers in 2011.

Up from 5.1% compared to the previous year, the recent trend in international and domestic travel clearly shows that it includes low-cost and scheduled services. The growth in the overall traffic growth includes the positive economic prospects worldwide. As it is based on a 3% increase in world real GDP, there is a strong demand for air travel.

So, here we are, after registering a strong economic upheaval, which clearly reflect the improved household balance sheets. With robust cash inflows, the traffic is sharply growing by 7.4%. Emerging markets, India in particular, are recording a good percentage. With domestic airline markets growing by 4.9% compared to the last to last year, 2010, an estimated 10% increase in demand shows a healthy trend. What’s more, even the business travel is also undergoing a healthy recovery.

Numbers on the business travel sector are not usual compared to the previous year. Thus, it is direly easy to substantiate the growth figures and jubilate over them as of now. In fact, as things are going as of now, we are heading towards a huge victory in terms of growth in terms of global tourism. However, as far as the current statistics is concerned, we also need to understand it in different light as well. A note of due caution is also needed taking into consideration the current spurt in growth. The trend is applicable on the tours of India as well.