India Tours Marred by Seduction Stories

India, a land usually considered for elevating one’s soul where spiritual tourism is gaining strength with every passing moment, is also witnessing an interesting phenomenon. Its esteemed cricket players are believed to be indulging in scoring centuries in bedroom rather at playground.

Scams are marring the Indian image. From illegal mining to secret sexual encounters, India is grabbing attention from all quarters. In fact, there is no dearth of glamour in the worlds, the Bollywood and the Cricket arena. But with every passing moment, both are mixing in the wrong way.

As the news poured in, the International Cricket Council (ICC) is believed to be busy in investigating the recent allegations whereby Indian bookmakers, with the help of a Bollywood actor, are roping in the India cricketers into bedrooms in order to throw games for their counterparts in the playgrounds.

In fact, the Indian Cricket Council (ICC) is aware of the activities of the actor, who is seducing the Indian cricket team in order to paralyze them in the playground. The total number of players stand at four as of now who have been reported trapped in the Bollywood honeytrap. The daily National newspaper carried a picture of the actor.

An unnamed bookie says, “Attractive girls are the ideal choice to cosy up to players and to persuade them to work for bookmakers. Players are always surrounded by fans and groupies so nobody suspects a thing when they walk in and out of players’ hotel bedrooms.” It will not be an exaggeration to state that India tours are being largely marred by the news.