Indian Hospitality Getting Costlier

The rising of average price, up to 4%, of hotel room in Jan-Jun 2012 in the Indian tourism context clearly shows the growth along with the substantiating the rise in the overall economic condition.

The news has poured in that the average price, irrespective of currency has risen according to the latest Hotel Price Index (HPI). In fact, there has been a sharp rise in hotel prices across all regions surveyed in the index.

However, there is good news as the prices in the Pacific rose by six per cent compared to the 4% in India. Owing to Australia’s strong economy, it is felt that the inflation in the Indian context is substantially lower.

Comparing the rates we find that in the Hong Kong they rose up to 13 per cent to AUD 195. In the Singapore, that constitutes the world’s eighth most expensive city, the same witnessed a rise of 4% standing at AUD 222.

It is amply clear from the above statistics that tours of India are getting costlier in reaction to the overall economic situation prevailing around the globe.