Indian Wildlife Tourism Out of Jeopardy

Respites are always sweet but this one seems to be the sweetest considering the anxieties, which Indian wildlife tourism underwent during the past few months after the ban on core tiger areas.

Just a few months ago, there was a ban on the core tiger areas as travelers were restricted the access to these core areas. Now this was something, which was seen as a jolt to the Indian wildlife in the wake of enormous profits that Indian wildlife tourism amassed from the interested wildlife enthusiasts.

However, as the Honourable Supreme Court of India (SC) today lifts the ban, Indian tourism industry gets a sigh of relief. In fact, with an interim ban on tourism activities especially in the core areas of Tiger Reserves in India in the month of July 2012, there was a fear that those Indian wildlife lovers opting for tours to India may get discouraged from traveling to India thus resulting in loss for the industry.

The only concern is that park guides in association with lodge owners are going to work together to make it possible to protect the wildlife as well as satisfying the wildlife lovers to visit these core areas without harming in tad. This needs to be left on time as it would be making things clearer.