Is Supreme Court’s Banning Core Wildlife Areas Justified?

Indian tourism is marred this time and unfortunately by the supreme body of India and ironically in the name of protection. Although, it is undeniably true to stand with the decision since it has come from the Supreme Court of India, yet there are interests of tourism industry, which have been put on stake.

In the wake of scores of travelers embarking on India tours, it is imperative to understand the tourism in the context of revenue earning boosting the Indian economy. Tourism industry is one such giant that makes it possible for providing an unbridled impetus to the economy and that too in time.

The ongoing controversy centers around the Supreme Court’s ban on tourism in the core areas of tiger sanctuaries. The intentions of the honourable court are good but it would add to the mess that prevails in our tiger sanctuaries.

Since the onus of shooting of tigers and pollution along with other problems lies primarily with the non implementation of laws, banning wildlife tourism is not the solution under any circumstances. It is bound to affect those who wish to opt for tours to India especially taking into consideration the wildlife tours.

The answer lies in educating the wildlife tourists and strict implementation of laws by the Government of India than the current decision. It is just like banning all the roads as accident rate has increased manifold in the past few years. May the voice be heard before it’s too late!