Most Exciting India tours of 2019

With the end of the year upon us, it is time to start planning an exciting getaway to an exceptional destination, and in 2019 it is India that offers the most exciting tours. Get organised, plan your budget and make losing yourself in the grand palaces, iconic monuments and imposing forts of India your main goal for next year.

India A Mind-Boggling Destination Every Tourist Deserves to Experience

India is one of the most diverse destinations to visit. It is also the sort of place that will most certainly never lose its mind-boggling appeal due to its array of iconic monuments, an array of historic ruins as well as its interesting blend of cultures giving vibrancy and colour to its every turn and street corner. If your journey goal is India, then it is important to visit all the best destinations within the county starting with Kerala in the south to Rajasthan in the north.

Kerala offers all the tropical delights you could dream off and is situated in the deep south of India, it offers the picturesque Munnar hill station, while it is a must to visit the historic site of Fort Kochi, and then there is the field of tea plantations. If possible, this area should be enjoyed by spending a night or two aboard one of the houseboats, to discover the peace and tranquillity offered by gliding through the palm-fringed waters. Some of the best tours of 2019 include a day or more spend at these amazing places.

Kochi – Cochin

Famed in history, Kochi was first known as Cochin which offered the sanctuary to the Jews over 2,500 years ago, the first European colony was founded by the Portuguese in the 16th century in Kochi, and then the Dutch followed with the British shortly after. The city is truly fascinating due to the cosmopolitan culture mix, and the highlight of any visit is the performance of the Kathakali, which is a traditional dance, which is a form of Kerala.

Kochi – Munnar

Munnar is where the historic Fort Kochi is based, and a visit to the winding streets of the town also allows visitors to enjoy the exterior of the St Francis Church as well as the Dutch palace. Endless stretches of tea plantations leave a permanent impression on those who get the privilege to see them, while Alleppey is only about a 5-hour drive from Munnar.

In preparing for your visit to India, it is best first to list all the places, (and there are many) you want to see, followed by transportation options, hotels and do make sure a boat stay is included, while fascinating scenes are offered by the small villages. Kumarakom is a cluster of islands on the Vembanad Lake, it is one of the most impressive sceneries, and that includes the 14 acres large bird sanctuary, which makes it one of the destinations you might not want to miss.