Pondering on the Domestic Scenario

Pondering on the economic state of the affairs, we find that the world faces the horror of economic slowdown and perhaps the crises as envisaged by some of the pundits.

Indeed, the Euro zone is trembling with ague with Pound getting weaker for a quite a long time. Even the great US dollar is losing its monopoly by a tad of bit. One could witness Romney and Obama debates over the issue in the recent times in wake of elections in America.

So, are we in pathetic situation? Well, for a moment one can think so but pondering deeper we find that the case is different as far as India in particular is concerned.

Money is catching up in India. Just look at the SUV-studded, gas-guzzling Bharat and you will realize on the contrary. There has always been a great upsurge in learning the English language. What’s more, it has been good for tour to India where many travelers came in heavy numbers.

On the other hand, we also find that the Domestic Tourism market is also flourishing. It is not contracting as to the popular belief. In fact, it is growing in leaps and bounds.

Indeed, travel in today’s times is no longer seen as a leisure activity. It has become a social act. The shrinking of Internet and cell phones has lead to the world and time to come closer without any hassles.