Spiritual tourism explores India’s most sacred destinations

Bodh Gaya City

Bodh Gaya, the city of Gaya Bihar district is where Buddha meditated 49 days under the Bodhi tree and enlightened the teachings of the Buddha, which is also one of the famous spiritual tourist destinations in India.
Guests have the opportunity to admire the temples and pagodas with sophisticated and meticulous architecture. The most famous is the temple of Neelkantha Mahadev, also known as the “Green Throat” temple, associated with the sacred legend of Shiva.

Amritsar Golden Temple

Located close to the Indian and Pakistani borders, Amritsar is not only famous for being the holy land of Sikh devotees, but also possessing a splendid heritage – the Golden Temple on the sacred lake. Unlike ordinary temples, Golden Amritsar Temple is built of stone, simple architecture but exudes a splendid and charming charm.
Under the clear blue sky, light sunshine, walking on the white paved paths, somewhere, the prayer of humming like singing, suddenly felt strangely pure and relieved.

Ganges River

The most sacred river and also the longest river in India originating from the Himalayas flowing into the Bay of Bengal, the Ganges is also known as the “National River” of India. This is not only an ideal spiritual tourist destination but also a place to create beautiful valleys in India, possessing beautiful and peaceful scenery.

Varanasi, located along the banks of the Ganges River is one of the oldest cities in the world with hundreds of ancient and colorful temples. The interesting thing about this “City of temples” is that its rituals are publicly held along the river, and give visitors a deep experience.

Gate on God Haridwar

As the most sacred Indian spiritual tourist destination, the ancient city of Haridwar is nestled at the foot of the Himalayas in Uttarakhand, which has existed for a long time but has always had special meaning to spiritual believers. .

Haridwar water is clean, clear and cool, so people often come to soak in the holy waters of the sacred Ganges baptizing for themselves. This is also a place to organize many special ceremonies and rituals, attracting local people and tourists to explore.