Cricket is an indispensable sport in Indian cultural life

Cricket is the second most popular sport after football, this attraction sport originated from England. This game started playing in rural England in the late sixteenth century. Due to the British domination process, cricket is also present in India. Currently in India cricket becomes the favorite and popular game.

In India, cricket is not merely a sport but it is a culture and a discipline that tightens political ties with nations. If Indians are sympathetic to any country they will hold a Cricket match.

Wherever Indian children can play cricket wherever Indian children are even near the airport, the children are still using it to practice. With more than 1 billion people watching cricket, India has become the power of cricket and contributes to becoming the second most popular subject in the world.

This is a baseball version and is very popular in South Asia: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, … although the second most popular in the world, cricket only plays in 10-15 countries but there are many players, it may be alien to half the world but it is a king sport in some of the South Asian countries and is organized as a tightening political diplomacy.

In India, this sport is the most favorite sport that was played by a lot of people, it is like the pride of the Indians when it is mentioned, from urban children to rural people from male or female to cricket.

The history has witnessed that India and Pakistan have used “Cricket diplomacy” (a stick-hitting sport) to improve local relations in the past and this measure was once again used when the National Cricket team Pakistani family members go to India to participate in the first international matches between the two countries.
Since the beginning of the restoration of peace negotiations in February 2011, India and Pakistan have made progress regarding the visa, investment and trade process. Although both sides still disagreed on territorial issues, terrorism, military issues, both sides expressed their willingness to improve their bilateral relations.