Mumbai – A Famous Destination in India

Mumbai Tourism explores the capital of Maharashtra, a popular tourist destination in India. Traveling to Mumbai India visitors will visit famous landmarks such as Arcades, Elephanta Caves, Malabar hills.

General information about Mumbai

Area: 437.71 km²
Population: 13,000,000 people (2001 data)
Famous destinations: Indian Mon, Jehanggir art exhibition, Sanjay Gandhi National Park,…

Featured attractions in Mumbai

India is a popular tourist destination in Mumbai, located near the coast, behind the tourist pier in India, opposite the majestic, magnificent Taj Mahal hotel, built in 1931, it also has a name. is the “monument to Indian soldiers” commemorating the dead soldiers in the first world war. The project was built similar to the French Triumphal Arch, the door is 48.7m high, 21.3m wide, the arch is 42m high, the top has a large round oil lamp with a diameter of 3.6m. Every time on a big holiday, this lamp is lit up. On the door, the name was engraved with more than 90,000 dead soldiers.
Jehanggir art exhibition in Mumbai for art lovers, Jehanggir art exhibition is Mumbai’s premier exhibition area for contemporary Indian art found by Cowasji Jehangir. The exhibition consists of two large rooms that regularly host various exhibitions.

Sanjay Gandhi National Park is a national park with an area of ​​104km2, rich in flora and fauna with 800 species of flowering plants, 284 species of birds, 5,000 species of insects, 36 species of mammals, 50 species of reptiles and 150 species of steps. In particular, there are many types of endangered animals such as Atlas moths – the world’s largest moth of the world, Karvi flowering plants 7 years blooming once. In the garden there are 2 lakes are Vihar lake and Lake Tulsi – two lakes that provide part of Mumbai’s water. Therefore, the park is considered the lungs of Mumbai. Inside the park there are Kanheri caves dating back to 2,400 years, a preserved archaeological area. Here, there is always a tourist attraction in Mumbai that attracts tourists to visit.
With general information about Mumbai India tour, we hope you will have some basic knowledge before starting a Mumbai India tour to explore the tourist city in India.