The Impact of Decaying Kingfisher Airlines on India Tours

There seems no resolution, as of now, to the recent crisis of Vijay Mallya’s Kingfisher Airlines. In fact, there are series of events, which are relentlessly pointing towards the situation worsening further.

In the league, IATA, the Geneva-based International Air Transport Association has suspended Kingfisher Airlines from its global carrier-to-carrier account. Obviously, the issue centers on the non-payment of dues. The story is not over yet as in the later part of the day, there have been some state-run oil companies that stopped fuel supply to the once considered giant air carrier. Therefore, it is clear by now that the airline is facing resource crunch.

What’s more, even the Bangalore income tax authorities has frozen Kingfisher accounts numbering in 20 and this has been done in a short span of past three days. The onslaught is not only confined to the customers who bought the tickets but extends to travel agents who bought the Kingfisher tickets in bulk for further selling.

The worst part of the story is that the Ministry of Civil Aviation seems to be impervious to the developing story and is turning a blind eye to the current situation.

In fact, all this is bound to render a serious blow to those embarking on the India tours. As the Indian economy is deeply entangled with Indian tourism, it may result in some serious repercussions for the Indian travel industry. This is what the concerned agencies in Bangalore had to say in wake of freezing the accounts of Kingfisher, “If they the (company) don’t come up with a plan then we will have to start attaching their properties as well.”