The Spiraling Online Travel Bookings in India

Recent data, IAMAI, admired for its substantive abilities, reveals that travel industry is profusely growing online. The trend has even made retail sites, job portals or matrimonial sites lag behind in terms of e-commerce pace.

The noteworthy report for the month of October, 2012, this time by the Internet Economy Watch Report, 2012, released this week by the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) clearly points out a significant growth of 31 percent in wake of online booking of air tickets.

The source from where the data has been taken is based on the monthly Internet tracker. Its substantive nature can be ascertained by the fact that it has been taken from various relevant sites. The usage for e-tailing, vertical classifieds and online travel are the major indicators.

Pondering on the numbers, October 2012 witnessed 1.58 million that is higher than October 2011 that stood at 1.21. On the Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation Web site, the growth has been impressive at 15 percent. The total number of bookings stands at 4.72 million in October 2012, which is higher than 4.1 million the previous year. Hence it can be ascertained that tours to India is profusely growing.