Unearthing the Matrix of ‘Matrix’ Call Rate Cut

Is the benefit of people calling from the UK to India for Re. 1 per minute ready to translate in better India tours? Let us explore the matrix of Matrix for a while.

Matrix, a UK based mobile company cuts call rates from UK to India at Re 1/min. In fact Matrix has substantially cut down the UK calling rate that means very cheap ISD charges. It will be available on all the Matrix calling cards.

In fact, the move has been taken in a bid to lure nearly 40 per cent of the traffic of Indians travelling to Britain. As the statistics show that around 5 lakh to 5.5 lakh people from India travel to UK round the year, the recent slashed call rates may attract this chunk of people.

In fact, the current move will substantially alter the dynamics of Indian tours. As the company is already selling around nine lakh connections next fiscal, there is no dearth of opportunities between the peoples at both the sides. Considering it deeply, we find that the total pack will cost Rs 700, which will deliver 500 minutes of free calls to India. In fact, the company has already slashed the rates by 1/10th of the international rates.

The additional benefit would be the unlimited access to emails for those using the BlackBerry on Matrix Cellular services. There is a net gain for Facebook and Twitter users on Matrix in over 150 countries for £ 50 only.