Wings of Tourism in Agra in Jeopardy

Agra State tourism industry is in news for a weird reason. It has been recently alleged that there is some lobby that is acting against the initiation of flight services at Kheria Airport. This is in wake of non availability of ILS (Instrumental Landing System) despite the fact that it has been approved by the Prime Minister Office, Defence Ministry of India and various other senior officers.

The flights are getting cancelled in wake of poor visibility on the landing track thus leading to incurring loss in business terms for the overall industry. The worst part is the non availability of safety certificate by the DGCA that is leading to behave on the same lines by the Indian Air Force.

The recent cancellation pertains to the Spice Jet flight, which was cancelled subscribing to the above mentioned reasons thus leading to considerable loss to the tourism industry of the state. Indeed India tours have been hit hard in wake of it.

Every flight results in loss for approximately 5 Crore and there has been a net loss for 60 crore in the last few months. It has been felt that some people are against the use of flights in Agra for some reasons. It has to be ascertained the identity of these people are as it has been indicated that they belong to Delhi, hub of powerful and mighty.