Popular dishes in Indian cuisine

1. Thali
Thali is a traditional dish that is always on the Indian dining table and Indian restaurant menus. This is the common name for popular dishes including rice, Naan bread, bean curry, potato curry, sugar-free yogurt and a few other items. Thali is placed on a tray with all ingredients, looking very eye-catching and stimulating the taste. This price for a meal ranges from 50 to 150 rupees.

2. Biryani rice
Biryani is a popular Indian rice dish, often used in family dinners after church prayers in the afternoons. Biryani rice is usually eaten with chicken or lamb. The main ingredient of this dish is Basmati rice, the only rice in India, cooked with various spices such as cumin, beans, cinnamon, coriander, ginger, onion, garlic … and the But indispensable saffron. Travel in India, don’t forget to enjoy this ‘specialty’ rice dish.

3. Indian curry
Referring to Indian cuisine, it is indispensable to have a special, strange curry, though it appears in many parts of the world, but if you want to enjoy the curry properly, then go to India. As well as Vietnamese pho or Japanese sushi, curry is considered a national soul in Indian cuisine. Indian curry ranges from vegetables to meats such as pigs, cows, chickens, fish, goats, … most popular in this country is probably a fish head curry, cooked in a bologna The head of ikan merah (red snapper) with spicy curry water and some vegetables and tamarind tamarind create an unmistakable characteristic. Indians often eat this with rice, pappadams (a kind of crispy rice cake) and Indian pickles.

4. Josh Rogan
The western region of India has a very famous curry that is Josh Rogan – lamb curry cooked with a crimson red sauce. This dish is made of lamb, marinated with a beautiful red sauce, a combination of kashmir peppers (mirchi kashmiri) and the essence of chicken crust extract. In addition to fish head curry, this is also a famous curry in Indian cuisine that you should enjoy if you have the opportunity to come to this country.

5. Chicken Tikka Masala
Chicken tikka is one of the traditional and very popular dishes in India. The way to prepare tikka chicken is also quite complicated, the chicken is marinated with tikka masala powder and chili powder, ginger powder and sugar-free yogurt, the sauce is made from cream, spicy spice and an orange powder made from tomatoes . The flavors blend together to create a spicy and bold chicken dish. This dish is often served with Naan bread.