Delhi Tours Shine Profusely with UN certification to Metro

Delhi has always been striving to cling on to the world class standards. Just a few years ago, it received heavy attention by the state government resulting in ascribing it one of the greatest tourist destinations. In the wake, the Delhi Metro railway has proudly received carbon credits in wake of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

As the pollution levels have been considerably lowered, the city has been applauded like never before. As we know that the Capital has been prevented by 6.3 lakh tons emissions round the year, it has also resulted in lowering the risk of global warming.

So, here comes the good news whereby Delhi earns Rs.47 crore carbon credits for the laudable effort it has made in substantially reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Now as the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has been certified by the United Nations, it has received “carbon credits for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”

As the statistics tell us that nearly 18 lakh people travel by the metro rail that is completely non-polluting and environment-friendly, the massive amount of people would have resorted to other means if Metro Rail had not been there. This is why United Nations has been at the forefront in recognizing the fact that the DMRC has helped in reduction in emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere by considerable amount. It is also in sync with the Kyoto Protocol that is recognized for certifying the DMRC efforts in reducing emissions by substantial amounts.

It will also result in comfortable and secure transport for those embarking on Delhi Agra Jaipur tour. In fact, that is where things seem to be on a positive note for the commuters as well all those people who are associated with it.