Nine Interesting Few People Know About India

India is an attractive destination to attract tourists and is a country with unique culture and unique customs. For visitors not to be surprised when visiting India, join Worldtrans to discover interesting things that few people know about India.

1. Detective “wedding”

The number of detective companies is increasing, and there are currently 15,000 companies operating in India. Many families hire private detectives to investigate the future daughter-in-law / son-in-law before proceeding to the wedding.

2. Inspector “spits”
The city of Mumbai sends “spitting inspectors” every day across the street to detect and punish those who spit indiscriminately in public.
Many Indians in the city still like to chew betel and spit out, causing dirty stains on the walls or streets and roadsides, in addition to not many people “like” spitting on the saliva. public.
Many buildings, public transport, have a ban on “do not spit indiscriminately.” Some localities in India also organize campaigns against spitting in public places.
BBC quoted Mumbai Supreme Court Judge PB Majmudar as saying: “We cannot believe that people do not spit. Spitting has been a part of human character.
3. “Seaweed” industry thrives
The “hawker” service on the sidewalk has become a typical image of India, trading all kinds of goods and providing all kinds of services: ear wax barbershop, home shoe repair service, even treat dislocation and sell all kinds of food and drinks …
 Many are concerned that the traditional “hawker” tradition in India is being threatened because the government in many places wants to clear “hawker” shops from the sidewalk.
4. Please whistle on the road
Most of the truck’s tail and passenger cars have the words “Horn OK, please” written on it, which means please whistle the road.
Car horns help the cars behind get the road and the front car easily, and many car horn drivers should honk car horns as one of the typical sounds of Indian streets.

5. Where to see plastic chairs everywhere

Strangely, almost every house in India owns at least one plastic chair. And plastic chairs are more popular among Indians than other types of chairs, helping the plastic industry in this country grow.