Special Things in India

1. Go to the nation of the world’s oldest cultures.

2. You can see the ancient activities still happening like thousands of years ago in this modern day.

3. Visit one of the 7 wonders of the modern world: Taj Mahal temple

4. Crowded people across the street. Funny to say, “500 brothers” always appear. India is the second most populous country in the world (after China) with 1.326 billion people.

5. India is an interesting country for profound feelings of religion and Yoga

Before going to India, you should prepare that:

1. India is a “super crowded” country and quite polluted.

2. You will be very sick, so prepare medicines (especially physiological saline to wash your throat every day).

3. Indian cuisine is quite interesting in the early days and … you can “bored” from the 4th day on. Both the source of life will suddenly shrink to the size of a bottle of fish sauce. If possible, bring your fish sauce and chili sauce home to use during the Indian tour. Instant cup noodles are also quite useful when you are bored with local food.

4. It is said that India is a dangerous country for women, it can be dangerous if you go alone into the alleyways or dark nights in remote places. However, basically, in popular tourist spots, ethnic minority tourists are everywhere, with police watch over crowded festivals, so it is quite secure and not too scary. I imagine and worry before going. Anyway, you should be careful with your journey. In the delegation, there are male friends.

5. At the attractions there are friendly volunteers with trustworthy looks (students, students), actively talking to you about travel and interesting things, show you this and that, already began to take the path to the points they called “government tourism offices” (not real damage) to start selling tours or travel services in the sky. You should be careful.

6. Train 8 hours late is a normal thing in India

7. Shopping: You pay one third of the price, but sometimes it’s a problem. Experience is the same type of product should pay a lot of price before buying to get the price first.