Manali – A Mysterious Place to Discover

Located at the western end of the Himalayas, Manali is located at an altitude of 2,000 meters above sea level, cool all year round and with heavy snow in winter.
Manali stretches on both sides of the famous Beas River. The river is not very deep, there are many rocks in the river bed, and white foam water fades like a fairyland. From the two sides, the Himalayas can be seen all year round. Running along the river is the green coniferous forest. The river in the upstream water brings a both wild and pure beauty.

The life of Manali is captivating. The green forest mountains, murmuring streams, from the people to the flowers are fresh and clear. Despite being a popular tourist destination in India, the mountain town still avoids the hustle and bustle. People love and how to make tourism here is very professional and friendly. This is especially meaningful for people traveling to dust alone often trapped by tours that must cover or buy packages by group.

Around Manali there are many interesting discoveries. First of all, Rohtang Pass is 3,978m high, always attracting tourists who like to risk because of its majestic and dangerous level. Then the village of Nagar, once a capital of over 1,500 years old in the land of Kullu, is now known for the Nagar fortress and especially the museum and home of a famous Russian painter who moved here.
Manali is divided into two areas: New (New Manali), where there is a bus station, a central market … and the Old (Old Manali) area with many old architecture. The two areas are connected by an iron bridge over the Beas River, which is splattered with water. Western guests mainly choose to stay at Old Manali to learn culture while Indian guests choose new area for a vacation or honeymoon. Old Manali is located on a small hill surrounded by white snow-covered mountains with mixed pine forests.
Arriving in Manali with the original intention to avoid heat, but we have discovered many interesting things beyond expectations here. It seems that in India, every mile is an epic page with a series of colorful stories.