Top 10 Street Foods That Most Popular In India

India is not only the home of the Buddha. If you have an opportunity to this place, you may not surprised with the traditional food, which enriching the food of aboriginal identity. The food is as simple but just right when it comes to India:

1. Masala Dosa: A very familiar Indian breakfast. Made from raw materials quite simple, rice flour thin fried golden crispy, should eat as soon as fried. Comes with this layer of mashed potatoes, carrots and thinly sliced carrots
Masala Dosa is the most popular breakfast in India. People cut the cake into small pieces to enjoy this Indian specialty.

2. Chaat:
Chaat is a combination of fried dough wrapped in potato, green beans, yogurt, chili oil, chili, cotton and some spices. This Chaat has become the most popular street foods ever in India.

3. Kebabs
The food is bright with a combination of ingredients. The grilled meat skewers, soaked vegetables, seasoned with bold sauce on the grill hot would serve the taste of each food-holic.

4. Rajma
It is an ideal vegetarian dish. Rajma is a meat sauce, and is usually served with steamed rice.

5. Aloo Tikki
There is no doubt to say that Aloo Tikki is French fries in Indian style. The essence of its name with the key ingredient is potatoes dipped in fried flour, drop in oil pan to make crispy yellow. Including pomegranate-thin sliced tomatoes, purple corn, chopped thin peppers, herbs, some of which add onions, pomegranate seeds, which make up the essence of Indian fries.

6. Roti
Sliced bread made from flour, inlaid, golden baked will be more attractive when eaten with curry.

7. Gajar ka hawwa
Gajar ka hwa – known as carrots – the key ingredient of this dish. Carrots are thin, fried flour mix, eaten with beans, natural nuts processed to create a light taste home, easy to eat.

8. Dabeli
This is a favorite dish in Western India which shaped like a burger. However, the kernel is made from boiled potatoes instead of meat like ordinary burger, covered with a layer of rich sauce, with herbs to make Dabeli delicious, beautiful, will be less tired if eaten.

9. Kulfi
Kulpi ice cream is made from condensed milk, almonds and pistachios. This is a perfect choice when you want to eat ice cream with the taste of India.

10. Chole bhature curry
When visiting India, the tourists are surely not miss the curry, because this is the source of curry in the world.
Curry Chole bhature is composed mainly of green beans and spicy mixture. This is also a popular dish in the festive season or is served with Roti and other kinds of dip, enrich the table with all kinds of colors.