Why Deepika Padukone is visiting Taj Mahal Repeatedly?

It might be a strange and somewhat eternal affair but Shah Jahan has struck a chord with Deepika Padukone. As the emperor fell in love with his wife and paid a tribute to her by erecting one of the greatest monuments, he did not know that he will be captivating the most beautiful women of future, the doyens of beauty industry.

Latest in the row is the actor Deepika Padukone, who has ‘literally’ fallen in love with Shah Jahan’s Taj Mahal. This can be substantiated by the fact that she is visiting the monument on regular basis. It will not be an exaggeration to state that the love is intensifying with every moment as she has made her habit to do so.

The romantic interpretation can be sought on the basis that she has paid a visit to the historic monument on a moonlit night. The 25-year-old actor witnessed the Taj, with its beauty at its zenith when it bathes in the light of the harvest moon. As mystery engulfs all the greatest things in the world, the same could be felt pertaining to the male companion, who accompanied her, or it could be vice versa in wake of her Taj Mahal tour.

Deepika stayed with a group of fifty, as ASI rules permit not more than 50 at a time during moonlit nights, and was re-enthralled interacting with this greatest monument. She must have been looking gorgeous, sensual, bomb, etc as she was dressed in a white kurta and black salwar with a red chunni.

Whatever the case may be, Deepika Padukone is visiting the Taj Mahal as she cannot resist her love toward it. She must have been disturbed on the recent news or rumors that Taj Mahal could collapse in two to five years time in our opinion. We wish to invite her, unlike oysters by Walrus and the Carpenter, to undertake Taj Mahal tour with Travelogy India. Amen!