Famous Dishes You Need to Try When Traveling to India

India is a South Asian country with a diverse culture. In particular, India cuisine is extremely attractive to everyone. Indian dishes are not only diversified in composition, processing but also very spicy. Let’s explore the specialties of India!

Indian curry

Curry is considered a national soul in Indian cuisine just like Vietnamese pho or Japanese sushi. Just mentioning the name is everyone knows where the origin of the dish is from.

Curry is made from many kinds of things fromvegetables to meats like pigs, cows, chickens, fish and goats. Each dish has its own unique flavor thanks to different ingredients. Vegetables created Mixed Vegetable Curry. Spices that make up the attractive Baingan Masala. Chicken dishes such as Chicken Curry, medium spicy Korma, may not be spicy or very spicy. Vindaloo or Kadhai is delicious.


Thali is a traditional dish from ancient times of Indians. This dish can be found in both restaurants and popular eateries. You will definitely catch them often when visiting this country. Thali is actually a mixed dish consisting of rice, Naan bread, bean curry, potatoes, sugar-free yogurt and some other ingredients to add flavor to the dish. Thali is placed on a tray with all ingredients making you feel extremely attractive.

Biryani rice

This is a very popular mixed rice dish in India. This dish is often used in family reunion meals after afternoon prayers in mosques.

Biryani rice is served with a variety of meats such as chicken, beef or lamb and many other vegetables such as basil, dill, coriander and saffron. However, the main ingredient that makes up the appeal of the main dish is basmati rice only in India. This material is used to cook into rice for proper ductility and a beautiful white color.

The process of cooking biryani is quite complicated and goes through many stages. It is quite difficult to prepare and marinate chicken to cook rice. Therefore, the finished dish offers an extremely delicious and attractive flavor.